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Ecobulb MDL 4 Pin Fast Startup Ecobulb Lamp Replacement 15W


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QR 15W for Ecobulb MDL (Mini) Downlight

Available in

Warm white colour - SOLD OUT

Cool daylight colour - 5488

Supplies of these bulbs are rapidly diminishing and no further supplies are being manufactured.

There is now a replacement LED 'insert' that will fit into the existing frame of your 4 pin MDL downlight. 

Click here to view the LED replacement for 4 pin CFLs

LED Replacement for 4 pin CFL downlights

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This product is typically available to be sent within 3-5 days.

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Old style halogen and incandescent downlights usually waste more energy than other lighting because they are not sealed and your warm air can escape into the roof - wasting both heating and lighting energy. Our solution for this is a cost effective Ecobulb LED downlight that seals the heat into your home and doesn't allow dust in. Changing to Ecobulb LED downlights can save you up to 33% of otherwise wasted power.

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Category: 4PIN, cfl, cool daylight, ecobulb, warm white

Type: CFL

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