Ecobulb MDL 4 Pin Fast Startup Ecobulb Lamp Replacement 15W



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QR 15W for Ecobulb MDL (Mini) Downlight

Available in

Warm white colour - SOLD OUT

Cool daylight colour - 5488

Supplies of these bulbs are rapidly diminishing and no further supplies are being manufactured.

Call us on 0800 34 35 36 to find out about our special LED upgrade offer for Ecobulb downlight customers.

This product is typically available to be sent within 3-5 days.

If you are a home owner and in a position to make changes to your light fittings, such as downlights, you might qualify for our free in-home lighting assessments.

We offer assessments currently in the Auckland, Hamilton, Kapiti Coast, Wellington, Blenheim, Christchurch or Dunedin areas.

If you are a home owner, living in an area where we have consultants, please call us on 0800 34 35 36 to book a free lighting assessment.

Old style halogen and incandescent downlights usually waste more energy than other lighting because they are not sealed and your warm air can escape into the roof - wasting both heating and lighting energy. Our solution for this is a cost effective Ecobulb LED downlight that seals the heat into your home and doesn't allow dust in. Changing to Ecobulb LED downlights can save you up to 33% of otherwise wasted power.

Are you ready to save? Call us today on 0800 34 35 36

Category: 4PIN, cfl, cool daylight, ecobulb, warm white

Type: CFL

Vendor: EnergyMad

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