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ECO1 Infra-Red Remote


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ECO1 smart control Infrared remote can be used to control your air conditioning, TV’s, satellite or cable box, sound systems, Blu-ray player. In fact any product that has an IR remote control can be programmed into the Smart control system consolidating all your remote controls into your mobile phone. The 360° technology means you don't need to point the IR remote at the device you want to control it just needs to be in line of sight. Simply plug in the power adapter and select and learn the device into the Smart IR controller.

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    If you are a home owner and in a position to make changes to your light fittings, such as downlights, you might qualify for our free in-home lighting assessments.

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    Old style halogen and incandescent downlights usually waste more energy than other lighting because they are not sealed and your warm air can escape into the roof - wasting both heating and lighting energy. Our solution for this is a cost effective Ecobulb LED downlight that seals the heat into your home and doesn't allow dust in. Changing to Ecobulb LED downlights can save you up to 33% of otherwise wasted power.

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