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Why choose ECO1 downlights by LED Zero?

  • Full Installation Service - as an integral part of our solution we install all our own downlights. This ensures they are installed correctly by experienced qualified installers.
  • Eliminate Bulb Changes - our LED downlights are designed specifically for the New Zealand market and will last up to 40 years (based on average use)
  • Reduce Power Bills - will our LED's using up to 90% less electricity than a traditional light bulb you will quickly recover your investment through energy savings.
  • Improved Lighting - our LED downlights are designed to provide maximum light output for the lowest energy consumption. With wide bean angles your overall lighting will be improved compared to your current lighting.
  • Reduce Fire Risk - being IC-4 rated our downlights can safely be covered in insulation without risk of fire. With traditional halogens operating at temperatures upwards of 300 degrees, our LEDs are a safer option for your family.
  • Reduce Heat Loss - with zero gaps and insulation covering, our downlights reduce heat loss by keeping heat in the room and not allowing it to escape into the cold roof space.
  • ECO1 Versatile 'all in one' downlights - with in built smart technology, ECO1 downlights by LED Zero are able to be controlled in three different ways;
    • via wall switch - by operating the wall switch, you can choose the colour temperature that suits the room. You can choose from 'warm white', 'natural white' or 'cool white'.
    • via 4 channel controller - forget about old fashioned wall dimmers. With the amazing 4 channel wireless dimmer and colour change controller you are able to choose any colour temperature that suits between warm and cool white. You can also dim your lights anywhere from 2% to 100%. Each controller has the ability to independently control up to 4 circuits or control them all simultaneously. 
    • ECO1 APP - with the addition of an ECO1 Internet Gateway and downloading the ECO1 APP, you access infinite control of your lights from anywhere around the world. Timers and location functions are an added bonus.
  • Colour to Suit - whatever your decor we can colour match our LEDs to suit. Whether it be the new modern black, powder pink or baby blue, wood effect or any other colour that you may choose we can accomodate your needs.
    • Platinum Warranty - as part of our retrofit program we offer a Platinum Warranty. This option extends the standard warranty to 10 years, includes a 1 year on site warranty and a 30 day Performance satisfaction Guarantee too.