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The benefits of LED downlights compared to old downlights?


For a number of years incandescent and halogen lights have been the lighting of choice in many thousands of Australasian homes.

It is a well documented fact that these types of lights have problems associated with them;


In the majority of cases you cannot insulate close to or over these these lights.

Covering downlights with insulation or using too large a wattage bulb for the downlight may result in the downlight overheating and becoming a fire risk.

The gaps around the downlight fitting allows warmed air from the living space to escape into the roof cavity. This loss of warmed air increases heating costs in the home.

Spiders & dust can enter the living space through the gaps in the downlights as well as experiencing cold draughts on a breezy day.


To solve all of these problems and reduce your electricity costs, replace all of your downlights with a fully sealed LED downlight that is IC-4 rated. An IC-4 rated downlight can be safely covered with insulation. 
An LED Zero Downlight Platinum Package includes the supply and installation of the infill insulation over the new LED downlights.

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