LED Zero for Business

LED ZERO is a new and innovative way for businesses to enjoy the benefits of new technology LED Lighting, without any investment!

With LED ZERO we use the significant savings you will make on your energy costs with this new technology to fund an upgrade of LED Lighting for you business. Based on a business operating 6 - 7 hours a day, the power savings generated will be enough to cover the monthly rental cost of the new LED lights from My Eco.

Businesses that operate longer hours may be able to enjoy net savings and an overall improvement to their cashflow.

The LED ZERO package includes the following;

  • Upgrade to the latest LED lighting
  • Installation
  • Onsite warranty 
The benefits of LED ZERO for a business are
  • Potential improved cashflow
  • Improved quality of light
  • No costs or Health & Safety issues related to changing light bulbs
  • A brighter place for you, your staff and customers to enjoy
Here are some examples of LED ZERO 
LED Zero by My Eco Explained
With a LED ZERO 60 plan your business will enjoy positive cashflow for every light bulb it changes!
Change 1 fluoro tube to SAVE $14.16 per annum
Change 10 to SAVE $141.60 per annum
Change 100 to SAVE $1,416.00 per annum!!